Propane Generators




Due to increasing demand from our current customers and new customer inquiries, we have teamed up with Generac Generators and can now sell, set and service your whole home backup generator.



"I bought a 22 KW Generac generator and chose this size because it's more fuel efficient and because it could run the whole house – both air conditioners, two refrigerators, two freezers, TV's and all of our propane appliances (stove, water heater, clothes dryer, heating). It ran everything perfectly. My propane tank was at 75 percent when the power went out, and after 32 hours, it was down to 62 percent, so it's very fuel efficient.

My propane supplier, Texas Star Propane in Plantersville, Texas hook up the system the day before Hurricane Harvey. They suggested a free upgrade from my 250 above-ground tank to a 500-gallon above-ground tank. All I needed to pay for was the propane. It took about an hour to make the tank upgrade. I bought the generator through Texas Star Propane, which was a lot better than going through some generator company or electrical contractor I didn't know. Texas Star Propane did the complete installation "turn-key" so I didn't have to schedule and coordinate the electric provider trips, the unit installation, electricians and of course the propane connections which I would have had to do for the other companies I received quotes from. Texas Star Propane is familiar with me and can monitor my tank. We were coming down to the wire as Hurricane Harvey approached and Mike from Texas Star Propane, who sold me the generator, stayed very late into the night before the storm to work with the electricians on the final connections. He was back the next morning just hours before the storm to startup and test run the generator

I moved in May 2009 to this house located near Todd Mission, population 780, the closest town to my home. I've been flooded in the past, but the water from Hurricane Harvey only came close this time. However, we couldn't get out for four days because the roads were flooded.

I'd heard about generators for several years. My son and daughter-in-law who live with me pushed me to get one because I've lost power before because of forest fires and have had to leave my home to hook up my breathing machine. We lost power for 14 days from a forest fire about five years ago. We also experience short outages of a day or two, several times a year, when severe thunderstorms come through. I had a portable generator then, but they are no good when gas stations don't have fuel to fill them. During Hurricane Harvey, gas distribution was down and nobody had gas. We also experience short outages of a day or two, several times a year, when severe thunderstorms come through."

Mike Graham