Our Company

At Texas Star Propane, we provide the products, services and customer service that meet all of your propane needs. We continually strive to meet all of your residential and commercial needs, as well as the majority of your business needs. Everyday, we work harder to make propane a true alternative source of energy, heating and power for YOU! Where natural gas is not available, propane is the optimal choice for water heating, space heating, cooking, grilling and clothes drying. With propane, you could be saving you and your family thousands of dollars now and in the years to come, as well as offering everyone a more comfortable environment.

At Texas Star Propane, we want you to know all the bear essentials of propane safety, benefits and what it can do for you: Please take the time to explore our website. We are sure you will find everything that you need right here. We are committed to serving you!

Although the Texas Star Propane company is a new comer to the propane industry, we do not lack in experience. Texas Star Propane prides itself not only in the quality of service and customer satisfaction that it provides, but also with the vast amount of combined knowledge we possess. Our staff, family ties and deep history go back to more than 75 years of combined customer service and propane knowledge and experience!